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What IS

some basic blurb on what is the AFF and how is it dif.

from other similar tools, datasets, etc.

AFF2 for Census Data

One of the programs reported in AFF2 is the decennial Census. If you are looking specifically for Census data, you can navigate directly to

Here's a basic search for Census information.  We are going to find the Hispanic/Latino population in the Unites States.

From the AFF2 homepage:


1) In the "Topics" menu on the left,


open the "Program menu" and click


on Decennial Census to select it.






2) Open the "Data Set" menu,

also under "Topics." Click 2010

SF 1 for Summary File 1.





3) We now need to limit the population to Hispanic or Latino.  One option would be to open the "People" menu. However, we can see that in the "Search Results" window, below right, is a dataset for Hispanic or Latino. AFF2 has been updating the selection of available datasets as we have been making our selections, above. Thus, we are ready to click on "Hispanic or Latino by Type," and don't need to make any more selections from the menu on the left.




4) The results! Once we click on Hispanic or Latino by Type, we get our dataset, giving us the total Hispanic or Latino population in the U.S. and expressing it as a percentage of the total population.


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