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Dr. David M. Gillespie Special Collections: Websites

Houses materials about the region's history, geology, social and cultural events, and people as well as the history of Frostburg State University. Material written by students, staff, faculty, and area residents.

Route 40 crosses the Casselman River

The Casselman River Bridge still stands east of Grantsville, Maryland. A product of the early 19th century federal government improvements program along the National Road, the Casselman River Bridge was constructed in 1813-1814. Its 80-foot stone span, the largest of its type in America, connected Cumberland to the Ohio River. The old stone bridge, partially restored by the State of Maryland in the 1950s is now the center of Casselman River Bridge State Park.

Construction on the National Road, now U.S. Route 40, was begun in 1811 fulfilling the 1806 Congressional authorization signed by President Thomas Jefferson. The original segment of the National Road goes from Cumberland, Maryland to Wheeling, West Virginia. 


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