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Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD): Formatting Ed.D. dissertations


I've created some brief documents that walk you through common formatting issues in MS Word step-by-step.  If you find any errors or ways to improve this documents, please e-mail me at

* TIP: Review your formatting in MS Word by clicking the show/hide button.  Clicking this button, will often help you identify formatting issues right away.  For example, MS Word sometimes puts an extra return in the footer which can affect your margins and the location of your page number.

University of Michigan has a great LibGuide ( with step-by-step instructions on how to add page numbers to landscape pages.


Not sure if your margins and indentations are right? When the library checks these sections, we apply layout guides to your dissertation PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro. We add these JPGs as "watermarks" to the appropriate pages at 100% scale and 50% opacity. After you submit your dissertation for review to the library, you'll be provided with a watermarked version of your PDF with your review list.

If you have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can apply the watermarks ( to your dissertation to check it. Make sure to check Adobe Acrobat Pro's documentation for your specific version.


If you don't embed your fonts, the text in your PDF won't display properly. The steps to embedding your fonts will vary depending on your version of MS Word. Here's one video that shows how to embed your fonts. Look online for resources specific to your version of Word.