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Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD): Submitting your dissertation


Frostburg State University students will need to make an appointment with Annamarie Klose, Digital Projects Librarian, to submit their ETD.  Please call her at 301-687-4252 or e-mail her at to make an appointment.  She will assist students with submitting their manuscripts and any supplemental materials into FSU's ProQuest ETD site.

After the dissertation has been submitted, the Lewis J. Ort Library faculty and staff will review and check the dissertation's format prior to its final approval and submission to ProQuest.

Make sure to have ready the following for your ETD appointment:

  • Application for Dissertation Format Review (Form E) - This must be signed by the chair of the doctoral committee.
  • Dissertation approval page - This must be signed.
  • PDF version of your document(s) (dissertation and any supplementary files)
  • proof of payment to FSU for the dissertation binding fee

Information you will need:

  • Student ID number
  • Personal e-mail address - not affliated with FSU
  • Dissertation abstract text

Questions to answer at your ETD Appointment:

  • Do you want your dissertation to be Open Access PLUS or Traditional Publishing?  The Open Access option requires a $95.00 fee.  There is no fee for the Traditional Publishing option.
  • Do you want major search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo) to find your work through ProQuest?  For more information, review ProQuest's Search Engines and Your Dissertation webpage.
  • Does your ETD require an embargo and/or other restrictions to access?  For more information, please review ProQuest's Embargos & Restrictions Guide (PDF).
  • Do you want your dissertation to be sold to third-party retailers?  If you choose the Traditional Publishing option, this requires a "yes" or "no" answer.  If you choose the Open Access PLUS option, this option is not available.
  • Which 1-3 ProQuest subject categories best describe your dissertation's content?  See ProQuest's Subject Categories (PDF) for a full list.
  • What are the names of your advisor and committee members?
  • Do you have any supplemental files (e.g. images, spreadsheets) to include with your manuscript submission?  This is optional.
  • Do you want ProQuest to register a copyright for your dissertation?  This is an optional service with a $55.00 fee.  For more information, please review ProQuest's Why Copyright? (PDF) and Kenneth D. Crews'  "Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis: Ownership, Fair Use, and Your Rights and Responsibilities" (PDF).
  • Do you have any copyright forms to submit to ProQuest?  This is optional.
  • Do you want to order any copies of your bound dissertation from ProQuest?  This is optional.  Please note: You also have the option of having additional copies of your dissertation bound through FSU's Lewis J. Ort Library for $20.00 per dissertation.  This discounted binding fee requires that you bring the printed copies of the dissertation to the library.  You may order as many copies of your dissertation as you wish. 


* When submitting your ETD to ProQuest, it is recommended that you provide a personal e-mail address (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo) other than your FSU e-mail.  This way, ProQuest can contact you about your dissertation years later for various reasons, e.g. lifting embargos, royalties.

* Make sure to have your FSU Student ID number for the ProQuest ETD submission.  Your submission cannote be completed without this information.

* You'll need to copy and paste your abstract into the ETD submission.  You can either copy and paste the abstract text from the dissertation PDF or from a separate text file (e.g. .docx, .txt, or .rtf) on the flash drive with your dissertation.


After your ETD submission has been reviewed and accepted by the Lewis J. Ort Library, you will be required to submit a final, printed copy of your dissertation to the library.  This print copy will be bound and stored at the library.  Instructions regarding the submission of the final, printed copy will be included with your ETD submission acceptance e-mail.

Please note: Dissertation binding purchased from FSU includes hardcovers.