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Create a Reading List from OneSearch in Canvas

About This Tutorial

Provide access to full-text items from OneSearch using the Canvas External Tool "Library Resources." Students can access and read these resources without having to leave the Canvas module.

The types of resources from OneSearch that can be added:

  • scholarly/peer-reviewed articles
  • popular magazine articles
  • newspaper articles
  • trade publications
  • e-books

Read Before Beginning

Read Before Beginning

  • Only items available in OneSearch can be added using this tool.
  • In Canvas, only one item can be added to a list at a time; after adding an item, the entire search will need to be completed again to add the next item. It is recommended to search OneSearch via the library website noting the item titles, then using the tool to add them in Canvas. See the "Searching OneSearch Help" section below for OneSearch help or email a Research & Learning Librarian at
  • For ebooks, check to see how many people can access the e-book at the same time by checking "Concurrent User Level" listed for the item in OneSearch.  Ebooks allow either one, three, or unlimited users to access at the same time. This is especially important if using the e-book as a main text. If you have questions about upgrading the number of concurrent users for an ebook, please email

Searching OneSearch Help

OneSearch Tutorials

If you need assistance searching OneSearch, please see the following tutorials:

TUTORIAL: Create a Reading List from OneSearch in Canvas

To create the reading list, first log into Canvas and then go to Modules. Click on the +Module Button to create a new module. 


Type in the name of the new module (for this example - Reading List) and then select Add Module.


The new module will be created and found at the bottom of the module lists.

To add items to the reading list, click on the plus (+) sign which will open up a new screen.


Next to Add, click the down arrow, and select External Tool.


Another screen will open that allows the selection of the External Tool. Scroll down and then select Library Resources.

Note it may take up to 30 seconds for the OneSearch screen to load.


The OneSearch screen will open up within a box on the screen. There are 3 lines in the bottom right corner of the OneSearch Screen. This allow the screen to be resized to make it easier to work with.

OneSearch can now be searched just the same as if searching from the library’s home page. Search by keyword, title, or author. Once the results screen comes up, results can be narrowed by type of publication, date, full text, subject, etc. Again, it is best to search OneSearch first outside of Canvas for the titles of the articles. Otherwise, you will have to redo the search (including narrowing the results) to add each additional article.


Let’s find the article Adami, C. (2015). Artificial intelligence: Robots with instincts. Nature, 521(7553), 426–427.

On the screen, I will select Title and then put in the title of the article and select search.

To add the article, click on the +Add button on the right-hand side of the screen. It will go back to the Add Item to Reading List Screen. 


Click Add Item and the article will now be in the Reading List.


This is an example of a reading list after the article has been added.

Repeat the same process until all items have been added to the reading list.


This is what is looks like in Canvas when you click on the article. If the full text PDF/HTML icon does not immediately appear, click the two arrow icon on the left side of the screen to show.