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ENGL 101/111 Research Guide: Welcome!


This guide has been created to complement your library instruction session for English 101/111.  The information that is covered in class will be provided here, along with additional information that may assist you with your English 101/111 assignments.

Contact a Research Librarian

The best way to get assistance from a Research Librarian is to use the Ask A Librarian Guide.

The direct URL for the Guide is:

The Guide provides some FAQs which can answer some of the basic questions you might have about resources and services the Library offers.

The Guide also provides information on how to contact a Research Librarian by:

  • Chat
  • E-Mail
  • Scheduling a Research Consultation

What Can this Guide Do for Me?

This guide covers topics that are discussed during your English 101/111 library instruction session.

Some of the topics covered in this guide are:

  • the research process
  • using OneSearch to find books, e-books, and articles
  • how items are organized in the library
  • evaluating web resources
  • how to cite properly/avoid plagiarism

This last tab of this guide contains handouts in case you want to print out some of the information covered during class. We encourage you to continue reviewing this guide even after you leave English 101/111, as it contains information you will need during your entire career at FSU.

Where to get help

Contact a Research Librarian!

Check out the Ask A Librarian Guide.

The direct URL for the Guide is:

The Ask A Librarian Guide has FAQs that answer some of the most common questions about services and resources available in the Library.

The Ask A Librarian Guide provides information on the different ways to contact a Research Librarian:

  • Chat
  • E-Mail
  • Telephone
  • Scheduling a Research Consultation
    • Research Consultations provide you with a one-on-one consultation with a reference librarian. If you are a distance student we can set up a meeting with you via phone, Skype, or another method which works best for you.

Ort Library at a Glance

5th Floor
• Book Stacks P — Z
• Oversized Books
• Group Study Tables
• Group and Individual Study Rooms

4th Floor
• Book Stacks A — N
• Dr. David M. Gillespie Special Collections
• J. Glenn Beall Archives Room
• Pearl F. Ort Conference Room
• Student Storage Lockers

3rd Floor
• Library Services Main Desk
• Library Instruction Classroom
• Interlibrary Loan Office
• Technical Services Department
• Photocopier/Printers/Vending Machines
• Lost and Found
• New Book and DVD Arrivals
• PCs and Macs

2nd Floor
• Second Floor Service Desk
• Library Director’s Office/Administrative Assistant
• Media, Maps, Government Documents
• Children’s Literature Collection
• Periodicals, Journals, Newspapers
• Printers, Scanners
• Group Study Rooms
• PCs and Macs