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ENGL 101/111 Research Guide


This guide has been created to complement your library instruction session for English 101.  The information that is covered in class will be provided here, along with additional information that may assist you with your English 101 assignments.

Outcomes and Goals

  • Identify resources and services available at the Ort Library and its website​

  • Explore OneSearch and research tips to identify search terms & strategies​

  • Evaluate and recognize value in the information you retrieve

Let's Start With a Challenge!

  • Go  to Google Scholar (​

  • Find the FULL TEXT (PDF file) of the following article.​

  • The challenge - find a free copy of the whole article, not just information about the article!

Article information:​

  • Article Title:   The Ineffectiveness of Fact-Checking Labels on News Memes and Articles​

  • Authors: Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch, Mike Schmierbach, Alyssa Appelman, and Michael P. Boyle       ​

  • Journal Title: Mass Communication & Society​

  • Date: September 2020​

  • Additional information: Pages 682-704, Volume 23, Issue # 5​