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ENGL 300 Research Guide (Smith): Databases

Got Access?

Database access requires login off campus with your 14-digit barcode number printed on front of your ID card.

You can also obtain your barcode number from your PAWS account: Go to Self-Service, click on Student Center, and scroll down to Other Areas to obtain your library barcode information.

Access or Library Account Questions? Call the Ort Library Circulation Desk at

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Database Resources

A lot of your research in ENGL 300 will come from the library databases found at either Databases A-Z or Research Port. On this page below, you'll find:

  • Recommended Databases for ENGL 300
  • An EBSCO Database Demonstration (video)

Recommended Databases

Databases available via Databases A-Z or ResearchPort. Login required off the FSU campus.

An EBSCO Database Demonstration

Thirty of the 60 databases in the A-Z Databases share the same EBSCO navigation screen. Here is a video for conducting a basic search in an EBSCO database.