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CHEM 457 - Biser

About This Guide

This Research Guide is designed to provide resource suggestion and research help related to CHEM 457. This guide will be available through the Spring 2021 semester.

This guide covers:

  • how to differentiate between review articles and first publication research articles
  • suggested library databases, included specific access to ACS journals
  • requesting article through interlibrary loan
  • suggested citation guides and citation manager
  • how to get help

Review vs. First Publication Research Articles

First publication of data articles vs. Review articles

First publication of original data - also known as original research, empirical research, or primary research - reports on original research conducted by the article's authors. Often, authors will discuss action taken during the research process that highlight the fact that it is in fact original research. Active language such as "we found" or "we developed" can be indicators of original research.

In addition to an Abstract and Introduction/Literature Review, the following are aspects of first publication articles unique to original research include:

  • Methods: how the research was conducted and the procedures that were used
  • Results: report on the findings of the research, which may include tables, charts, graphs, and detailed data from the study
  • Discussion: discussion, analysis, and interpretation of the data and results

Review articles - also know as literature reviews - collect, synthesize, or analyze numerous original research publications on a specific topic. While original research may contain a review of the literature to put the original study in context, review articles are ONLY literature reviews. Be aware that review articles may contain figures and tables illustrating the concepts discussed in the review article but review articles will not outline a study methodology or data results section.

Using the Article Type Filter in ACS

The ACS database provides a convenient filter to limit search results to original research articles.

After performing a search in ACS, use the Article Type filter, selecting Research Article to limit to original research. See the screenshot below to find the Research Article filter.

Examples of First Publication and Review Articles

First publication research article

Review article

Library Article Databases

American Chemical Society Journals

Other Science Databases To Try

Full A-Z List of Library Databases

Getting Resources Through Interlibrary Loan

About Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan lets you request resources, including books and articles, that are not available through the Ort Library. You can request sources you find through the library or online.

FAQs About Interlibrary Loan

Citing Sources

Citation Guides

These citation guides can help you create your citations from scratch:

ACS Style Guides

Other Citation Style Guides

See the Ort Library's Citation Help Guide linked below for online resources for APA, MLA, and Chicago style guides.

Additional Citation Help

Citation Manager

A citation manager can help you organize your reference and generate in-text citations and bibliographies. There are a number of citation managers available, some free, some paid. Zotero (linked below) is a popular free citation managers with a number of features including a browser extension to make saving references online easy.