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THEA 110 Research Guide (Rushton)


What is OneSearch?

With OneSearch you can search most databases and the FSU and USMAI catalogs all at the same time!

OneSearch Frequently Asked Questions

Plays and Playwright Ideas

Are you still trying to decide what play or playwright to work with for your assignment? Browse these sections of the print stacks for books about plays and playwrights, or try the links below to look through our ebooks.

PS 623 - PS 625 (American Literature, Drama)

PR 621 - PR 744 (British Literature, Drama)

Best bets for Playwright Biographies and Plays

Playwright Biographies

For a book or eBook - Use OneSearch to search for the author, and add  the word biography to the search.

A helpful database for this is Literature Resource Center. After searching the author's name, look at the options above the search results, and click on biographies.

Finding Plays

Search in OneSearch for the play and the author.  If you do not find a copy at Frostburg, but another USM campus has one, you may request it with the Request It button.

You can also search for the play and the author, and then limit your results to eBooks under publication type.

Still no luck? If it is an older play, it might be in the public domain (no longer protected by Copyright). Search the internet or Project Gutenberg for a copy.

Finally, you might need to request the play through Interlibrary Loan. To help fill the Interlibrary Loan form out, you can search for the play in the WorldCat database, and then use the FindIt button to launch the Interlibrary Loan form.