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ENGL 310 Research Guide


Welcome to the Library Resource Guide supporting ENGL 310! This tabbed guide will help connect you to the FSU Ort Library's resources for research.

Discover Library & Scholarly Resources with OneSearch

Search for library books, articles from library databases, and more ... simultaneously from one box!

Initial Search Tips:

  • Search by keywords (spelled completely correctly)
  • Don't paste topic sentences or pose questions in the search box (OneSearch and other library tools don' understand sentence syntax)
  • Combine multiple search terms with AND: For example: cryptids AND sightings:

Request Books from other University System of Maryland Libraries

As students enrolled at  Frostburg State University, you have statewide University System of Maryland borrowing priveleges for borrowing library books! Choose Frostburg State University as your delivery location,

By the way, this does not work for journal articles. Use Interlibrary Loan for that (see "Interlibrary Loan" tab in this guide).