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United States Federal Government Resources

The Legislative Process

Statutory Law

US Capitol Building

"US Capitol" by keithreifsnyder is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Statutory laws are those passed by the federal or state Congress (or other legislative body) and signed by the President or Governor.  These resources pertain to all steps of the legislative process, allowing one to track a bill during all steps of its process through the legislature in question.

Senate Websites

House of Representatives Websites

Congressional Record

The Ort Library holds most volumes of the Congressional Record back to the 77th Congress, 2nd session (1942).  Please see list below when checking on availability.

The Congressional Record is available online in the following locations:

Legal Research Guide

For additional information about legal research, including legislation, administrative law (regulations) and case law, please visit the Legal Research Guide.

Who are your representatives? provides a directory of members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, however you must already know who your representatives are in order to use this successfully.

If unsure of your representatives, use the Senate and House of Representatives Web pages.  These offer search options (at top, right), to let you search for your representatives by location.

Agencies Supporting Congress

Legislative Visualization