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Resources for Tutors

Resources available in the Library

The Lewis J. Ort Library provides students, faculty, and staff access to many different types of resources including:

  • scholarly/peer-reviewed journals
  • print books
  • e-books
  • newspapers
  • popular magazines
  • online encyclopedias (Credo Reference and Gale Virtual Reference Library)
  • dissertations and theses
  • conference proceedings

One Search and Other Search Options

On the library's home page, you will see the Search Box for OneSearch. Under that there are several links that can be used to find/access different library resources.

  • OneSearch - Allows users to search for items physically in the library as well as most of the library's databases. It offers options to search by keyword, title, or author. You can also narrow down by full-text and scholarly/peer-reviewed articles.
  • A-Z Databases - Provides you with a list of subject specific databases. Click on the link to access these databases.
  • Journal Search - Provides you with the ability see what journals the library has available full-text electronically. Once you find a specific journal, it will also provide information on which database it is available in and the date ranges for full-text availability.
  • FSU Catalog - Search just the library catalog for items that are physically present in the library, including print books, DVDs, and Government Documents.
  • Library Account - Access your account to renew books or to see what items you have checked out.

Subject Specific Databases

OneSearch provides you with the option to search the library catalog and most of the library's databases at once. The library also provides access to Subject Specific Databases that may help you to narrow your search down.

For example, when searching in OneSearch on a specific topic like education, you will get results that will also cover history, philosophy, and science. In order narrow down your results to just education, you could use the subject specific database Education Research Complete. This database provides access to results that are specific to the subject of Education.

If I were looking for Psychology information, I might try the subject specific databases PsycArticles or Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection.

To access Subject Specific Databases you need to go to the A-Z List of Databases. From that list you can select the Dropdown All Subjects and then select the the subject you want to research. Once you select a subject it will provide you with a list of Subject Specific Databases. The link is:

For example, I want to find Computer Science databases so I would select the Dropdown for Computer Science.

I then have a list of Computer Science databases. I can select the database I want to search.

You can also select the first letter of the database that you want to access and it will bring up a list of databases that begin with that letter. For example, you could select the letter H to see the databases that fall under that letter.