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Lewis J. Ort Library Materials Deselection

Deselection Criteria

General Deselection Guidelines

Deselection is conducted in accordance with the library’s Collection Development Policies and the criteria specified in its Deselection Guidelines, Criteria and General Procedures.  Library Faculty are responsible for evaluating the specific collections for which they have responsibility (e.g. Reference, Special Collections).  Library Faculty liaisons are responsible for reviewing materials in the circulating collection on a regular basis; they may consult with colleagues, faculty, and/or other experts in making withdrawal recommendations.  Responsibility for final deselection and retention decisions rests with the Library Director in consultation with the Library Faculty.

The materials on the Deselection Candidates Lists were identified for potential removal from the Ort Library's collections based primarily on the following general criteria:

  • Obsolescence – accuracy of content and/or no longer supports the academic mission and curricular needs of the University
  • Infrequent use – based on circulation and other usage statistics
  • Scope - outside the scope of the Ort Library’s Collection Development policies

Additional criteria from the library's Deselection Guidelines, Criteria and General Procedures were applied where relevant.