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Lewis J. Ort Library Materials Deselection: Deselection Candidates Lists

Candidates for Deselection

Candidates for Deselection 

The materials found in the Deselection Candidates Lists on this page have been identified for potential removal from the Ort Library’s collections based on the criteria detailed on the DeSelection Guidelines and Criteria section of this website.

Please help us by reviewing the Deselection Candidates List(s) found below for those titles that should remain in the Ort Library’s Collection.  If you would like to recommend a title(s) for retention, please follow the instructions below and send your suggestions to by December 11, 2020.

Feedback Instructions

  1. Click on a Deselection Candidate List below to download and open an Excel spreadsheet listing items recommended for deselection.
  2. Review the titles on the list.   If you have a special interest or expertise, check the "LC Class Descriptions" tab on the spreadsheet for the call letters related to your interest.
  3. To recommend that a title be retained by the library, select Yes in the Retain? column to the left of the title and provide a brief justification in the Justification column as illustrated in the example below:

  1. Save the Excel spreadsheet with your suggestions and email the file to

For assistance, please contact use via email or phone (301-687-4395).

Single title or brief retention suggestions may be emailed to

Responsibility for final deselection and retention decisions rests with the Library Director in consultation with the Library Faculty.

Deselection Candidates Lists

Contact Information

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Please feel free to contact us:
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