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Academic Department Library Liaisons

List of Library Liaisons

Academic Department Representatives & Corresponding Library Liaisons

Department Representative
Library Liaison
Accounting Dr. Kiersten Bradley Liza Zakharova
Biology Dr. Franklin Hughes Lisa Hartman
Chemistry Dr. Holly Currie Molly Barra
Communications Ms. Annie Danzi Dr. Sean Henry
Computer Science &
Information Technologies
Dr. David Zheng Molly Barra
Economics Dr. Suzanne McCoskey Liza Zakharova
Educational Professions

Dr. Jenna Epstein

Dr. Lea Messman-Mandicott
English & Foreign Languages Dr. Kevin Knott Liza Zakharova
Geography Dr. Bill Wetherholt Lisa Hartman
History Dr. Haiyun Ma Amanda Bena
Kinesiology Mr. John Wright Randy Lowe
Management Dr. Evan Offstein Molly Barra
Marketing & Finance Dr. Sudipto Sarkar Dr. Sean Henry
Mathematics Dr. Mark Hughes
Dr. Gerry Wojnar
Amanda Bena
Music Dr. Jay DeWire Dr. Sean Henry
Nursing Dr. Stefanie Hay Virginia Williams
Philosophy Dr. Jean-Marie Makang Dr. Sean Henry
Physician Assistant Medicine Ms. Kerry Birney
Mr. David Bunnell
Randy Lowe
Physics & Engineering Dr. John Lynch Lisa Hartman
Political Science Dr. David Lewis Randy Lowe
Psychology Dr. D. Alan Bensley Randy Lowe
Recreation & Parks Management Dr. Jeffrey Farr Randy Lowe
Social Work Ms. Julie Fanning Virginia Williams
Sociology Dr. Daniel Moorehead Virginia Williams
Theatre & Dance Ms. Shea-Mikal Green Virginia Williams
Visual Arts

Dr. Travis English

Dr. Lea Messman-Mandicott
Specialized Programs & Representatives
African American Studies Dr. Jean-Marie Makang Amanda Bena
Center for Teaching Excellence Dr. Holly Currie Molly Barra
International Studies Dr. Keith Terry Amanda Bena
Leadership Studies Ms. Annie Danzi Dr. Lea Messman-Mandicott
Life-Cycle Facilities Management Dr. Thomas Cadenazzi Liza Zakharova
Sustainability Studies Ms. Tracy Edwards Lisa Hartman
Women's Studies Dr. Jill Morris Amanda Bena




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