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Wellness Information Resources: Wellness Seminar Series

State of Maryland Wellness Program

September - Fruits & Veggies: More Matters Month

September's Seminar Topic: Adding Nutrients the Delicious Way

Come join us for the September Wellness Seminar to get simple tips for fitting more fruits and vegetables into the day and get tips to find affordable ways to eat healthy!!!!! 

August - Depression Awareness Month

August's Seminar Topic: Understanding Depression

Learn the facts about depression, common depression symptoms, the difference between how men and women experience depression, and how to get support when needed.

July - Sun Safety

July's Seminar Topic: Sun Safety

Skin cancer is on the rise, and early detection is important. Participants will take the lighted skin test and learn how much sun damage has occurred. Participants will also learn how to keep their skin protected from further damage.

June - Maintain, Don't Gain

Seminar Topic: Maintain, Don't Gain

Come join us for the June Wellness Seminar to learn great ingredient substitutions that preserve taste and get helpful meal preparation tips to make any meal a healthy one!

May - Mental Health Month

Seminar topic: The Physical and Emotional Impact of Stress

Our hectic lives often result in stress that becomes unmanageable. Unmanaged stress impacts physical and mental health. In this seminar, learn how to recognize the physical and emotional effects of stress to improve your well-being.


January - Fitness Resolutions Month

February - American Heart Month

March - National Nutrition Month

April - Healthy Back Month

May - Mental Health Month

June - Maintain, Don't Gain

July - Sun Safety Month

August - Depression Awareness Month

September - Fruts & Veggies: More Matters! Month

October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

November - American Diabetes Month

December - Happy and Healthy Holidays Month

April - Healthy Back Month

A healthy back allows the freedom to participate in an active lifestyle. In this seminar, you will learn gentle exercise for a healthy back as well as proper body mechanics to prevent injury. This workshop is suitable for all fitness levels. Stretching is involved, so wear loose fitting clothes.

March - National Nutrition Month

Join a Nutrition Educator to learn how to serve a healthy meal in 30 minutes or less! You’ll learn effective meal planning, smart shopping, and easy food preparation skills to make these meals simple and delicious.

February - American Heart Month

American Heart Month

The Beat Goes On: Learn what causes heart disease, the controllable and uncontrollable risks for heart disease, and lifestyle choices for a healthy heart.

(See also the Health/Medical Tab on this guide for a list of reliable resources related to heart health!)

January - Fitting In Fitness

Fitness Resolutions Month

Learn exercise options for busy people with easy to follow guidelines for a balanced fitness program, tips to fit in fitness, and five keys to success for healthy behaviors.

(See also the Physical Fitness tab on this guide for reliable resources on building physical fitness habits!)