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Knowledge Organization and Metadata Services

Provides summary and links to the basic tools used for describing and organizing library resources


  • RDA Toolkit:  RDA (Resource, Description and Access) is the input standard used to describe a resource.  Login and password required for access
  • MARC 21 Standards (Library of Congress): The Library of Congress website that provides links to the Bibliographic, Authoritative and Holdings MARC metadata schema standards in addition to links related to other metadata schemas
  • OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards: OCLC website that provides the same machine-readable standards as the Library of Congress MARC Standards, with specific emphasis on the application of the standards in the OCLC database


Organization of library materials is based upon:

  1. The type or format of the resource, such as books, DVDs or journals.   The type or format dictates which collection the resource belongs, such as Reference or Stacks, Media DVD or Periodicals.
  2. The subject of the resource, such as Nursing, Education or Marketing.  The Library of Congress Classification System is the library’s primary tool for subject organization for most collections.  

Library of Congress (LC) Classification System is available through ClassWeb, a searchable database containing the complete LC Classification Schedules and the current Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). 

ClassWeb also provides correlations between the Dewey Decimal or National Library of Medicine classifications to LC Classification.  See Bibliographic Correlations Menu.  

ClassWeb is freely available without login from the Frostburg State University campus.