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Knowledge Organization and Metadata Services: Authority Control, USMAI and OCLC

Outlines the mission and responsibilities of the department and provides access to the tools used to accomplish this work.

OCLC resources

  • OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards: Provides the same machine-readable standards as the Library of Congress MARC Standards, with specific emphasis on the application of the standards in the OCLC database
  • OCLC Alerts: Reports availability for the different services OCLC provides
  • Connexion browser (requires login and password)
  • Instructions and Guidelines for Reporting WorldCat Bibliographic and Authority Record Changes: supports the task of improving the quality of OCLC bibliographic and authority records
  • WorldCat and Authority Record Quality Control Request: form for reporting bibliographic and authority record changes. 

Subject and Name Authority Resources

To create consistent subject headings and names in bibliographic records, we use controlled thesaurus and authorized headings.  For subject headings, we use the Library of Congress Subject Headings. For names of persons, places or institutions, we use a variety of online resources, based on the Library of Congress Authority File.

  • Classification Web: a searchable database containing the complete LC Classification Schedules and the current Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) Login and password required off campus
  • OCLC Authority File: a searchable database of Library of Congress name and subject authority records and records contributed by members of the Program of Cooperative Cataloging. Login and password required.

Cataloging Support

USMAI (University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions) (link opens to the consortium portal)

  • Catalog, Database Maintenance website (Login and password required)
  • Searching Holdings Record (from the Disclosing Retention Commitments with Holdings Field 583