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Knowledge Organization and Metadata Services

Consists of videos and other webpages explaining the history and functionality of the MARC encoding standard

MARC training vides

This collection of four videos introduces the MARC bibliographic record and the essential components of the record.  Most of the videos are short, less than 7 minutes.  One video is longer, about 60 minutes. The speakers cover the same basic information, while complementing each other by including different aspects of the MARC record.  

MARC Bibliographic Basics

MARC Bibliographic Basics, presented by OCLC on December 10, 2018

This brief video introduces the components of a MARC bibliographic record, including a brief history of MARC.  Reviews the important MARC fields and explains the structure of a MARC tag.

MARC Basics

MARC Basics, Southwest Florida Library Network webinar, January 24, 2018, presented by Maurine McCourry, 

This hour-long video provides the history of MARC, the parts of a MARC bibliographic record, a brief description on how to create bibliographic records, and how the records may be displayed to the library user.  The history and background of MARC, starting at 4:04 minutes, is particularly interesting.

What is a MARC record?

What is a MARC record? Backstage Library Works webinar, June 19, 2015, presented by Nicole Arbuckle. 

This video provides a brief history of the MARC format, identifies different MARC fields found in a bibliographic record, and explains what information is found in the different fields.

Parts of a MARC Record: Variable Fields

Parts of a MARC Record: Variable Fields, Understanding MARC21 Bibliographic Records, Winter 2014, sponsored by the Nebraska Library Commission.

As part of a course, this video introduces the MARC bibliographic record, defines terms and provides a good background.  Be aware that some information presented here may no longer be applicable.  The MARC Bibliographic Standards, the standard guiding the construction and application of the MARC format, were revised since the creation of the video.